On site training

Offering the best elements of functional personal training, yoga, pilates, bodyweight, and HIIT. Programs tailored to specific needs of individuals or small groups. Available on location or in your own home. No equipment necessary.

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Online coaching

Utilizing available technology to provide continuous training and support. Private programs designed using resources available in your exclusive environment.  Special needs and populations welcome.

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aquatic exercise

Cross training for athletes, aquatic therapy, and everything in between. Aquatic training available in your own pool or as online consulting. Contact me to discuss optional locations for aquatic therapy.

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What’s your next move?

Combining knowledge and experience with compassion and humor, I help you determine the right movements for YOUR body, for YOUR goal, for YOUR better tomorrow.

Do any of these goals resonate with you?

  • reducing the pain of arthritis
  • increasing self-confidence
  • adapting exercises for my special needs
  • dancing at my son’s wedding
  • running a 5K
  • falling LESS often
  • losing weight
  • putting my socks on
  • fighting back against ALS or MS
  • doing “real” pushups
  • climbing stairs without pain
  • enjoying working out

These are a sampling of testimonials from previous clients!

What will YOU add to the list? What are YOUR goals?

With over 15 years working in the fitness profession, my educational background includes certifications from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association, and ATRI (Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute).

Additionally, I earned certificates for teaching Yoga and Pilates, as I find those disciplines help ALL my clients.  A mind/body approach, with emphasis on breathing and core strength, facilitates better living for everyone!

Contact me – Together we will find the steps to take you where you want to go!

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