Personal Training

In private training, you enjoy the full attention of a professional devoted to your success. The experience becomes richer with passing time, as the trainer monitors your ever-changing strengths and weaknesses,  interests and goals, and delivers encouragement and challenges appropriate to your own special journey.


Whether it's family and friends, a club or organization, or any group of people with a common interest,  everyone benefits from the comeraderie and cost-benefit of group training!

Aquatic classes in your pool? Chair yoga in your office? Maybe a boredom buster workout for your weight loss group?  With safe and effective guidance, everyone feels better and enjoys the fun of a shared experience.

seminars and demos

Lectures, seminars, and demos inform your population about the benefits of a specific topic, and introduce them to the nuts and bolts of how to get started, often with an experiential component.

These events may be scheduled as a stand-alone event, as an addition to  a regular meeting, or as part of a larger event such as a health fair.